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 We have for mision to bring your style to another level with comfortable, minimalism and urban clothes. Our team work hard to achieve with succes your needs to be fashionable. At INVERNO VERÃO, the goal is to give the best vision of fashion in all it’s forms and colors. 

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    Viktor Lavrencik
    Founder and CEO

    Viktor is one of our Founder and CEO for the brand. 

    He's using his knowledge in legislation and finance to bring INVERNO VERÃO to another step effectively.

    Viktor has a vision and a work ethic that bring everything he touch to succes. He work to push everyone around him to their best.

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    Édouard Jakobowska-Inverno
    Founder & CDO

    Édouard is one of our Founder & CDO for the brand.

     He work to bring fashionable clothes that refflect his vision of the fashion playground in Montreal. 

    Edouard express his portuguese background, is mind and his personality into comfortable, classic and urban clothes. 

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